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Don't draw conclusions out of the information you retrieve from this Dino Data site only. Always check your books, library and other resources. The cladistic lines are only to be seen as an indication of the path. You will find some names under the "classification" button that arn't showed at the dino pages. Not all given names of dinosaur groups are on this moment available at this site. Paleontologist don't always share the same views and it isn't the intention of Dino Data to show the different views. Again always check other information sources to compare the information. DinoData couldn't be what it is without the help of many. Special thanks to all the members of the Dinosaur Mailing List and DinoForum for sharing information.

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BMNH R2095 Possibly represents a new sauropod group or family

Taylor, Michael P. 2006. An unusual new neosauropod dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous Hastings Beds Group of East Sussex, England. p. 17 in Anonymous (ed.), Abstract book: Progressive Palaeontology 2006, Cambridge (England), 22-23 June 2006. 28 pp


 A possible new group of sauropods is represented by a single partial mid to posterior dorsal vertebra. The assumed length of this sauropod proportional to the centrum length is 20 meter estimated masses is 2300 kg.