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Dinosaurs - Dinosaurs S


Marsh, 1877


Jurassic Late Kimmeridgian Tithonian


Ornithischia Thyreophora Stegosauria Stegosauridae 




Portugal*; US


Stegosaurus armatus

Fall Under

9 meter


Genus - Skin - Skull

Stegosaurus (Marsh, 1877) = Diracodon (Marsh, 1881)

Stegosaurus > Stegosaurus armatus (Marsh, 1877) >> Stegosaurus ungulatus (Marsh, 1879) Stegosaurus sulcatus (Marsh, 1887) Stegosaurus duplex (Marsh, 1887) Hypsirhophus seeleyanus (Cope, 1879)

Stegosaurus > Stegosaurus stenops (Marsh, 1887) >> Diracodon laticeps (Marsh, 1881)

Stegosaurus > Stegosaurus longispinus (Gilmore, 1914)

Stegosaurus ("roof-lizard") gets its name from big bony plates that jutted upwards from the neck, back and upper tail. A bony plate robably guarded each hip, and two pairs of spikes stuck out sideways from the end of the tail. 

As haevy as a big rhinoceros and about the length of a bus, Stegosaurus was the largest known plated dinosaur. Is stood more than room-high at the hips and walked on elephantine limbs. Its small head was held low end ended in a toothless, horn-covered beak. Behind the beak were numerous teeth.

Skin impressions are kown from the Bone Cabin Quarry West, Albany County, Wyoming, these impressions were discovered by Ron Mjos in 1994. the material was indentified by Tyler Pinegar in the fossil preperation laboratory at Wetsern Paleontological Laboratories Inc.

* Escaso, F; Ortega, F.; Dantas, P.; Malafaia, E.; Pimentel, N.L; Pereda-Suberbiola, X.; Sanz, J.L.; Kullberg, J.C.; Kullberg, M.C.; Barriga, F. (2007) New Evidence of Shared Dinosaur Across Upper Jurassic Proto-North Atlantic: Stegosaurus From Portugal. Naturwissenschaften  (Stegosaurus cf. ungulatus)

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