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Unaysaurus tolentinoi [sG] [T] PDF Print E-mail
Dinosaurs - Dinosaurs U


Leal, Azevedo, Kellner, Rosa da, 2004


Triassic Late Carnian Norian


Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Prosauropoda




Red Beds of the Santa Maria Formation [= Caturrita Formation] southern Brazil


2,5 meter


Genus - Typespecies - Skull

Represented by a semi-articulated skeleton comprising an almost complete skull, lower jaw and postcranial elements. It differs from all other dinosaurs by several cranial (e.g. developed laterodorsally oriented process formed by frontal and parietal; deep ventral depression on the basisphenoid) and postcranial (presence of a conspicuous blunt ridge running on the lateral surface of the deltopectoral crest of humerus) characters.

The name Unaysaurus comes from the indigenous tupy word "unay" ("Black Water"), in reference to Agua Negra (Black Water), the Portuguese name for the region where the fossils were found. Tolentinoi honors local resident Tolentino Marafiga who first discovered the fossils cropping out on the side of the road that was being repaired in 1998.


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