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Marine Reptiles

Name: Macroplata
Time: Early Jurassic
Geography: Europe (England)
Length: 4,5 meter 

Macroplata was a early and slender Plesiosaurus with a crocodile-like skull. The neck consisted out of 29 somewhat shortened vertebrae. The hindpaddles were more developed than the one at the front, a distinctive caharacteristic between Plio- and Plesiosaurs.

Name: Peloneustes
Time: Late Jurassic
Geography:: Europe (England en Russia)
Length: 3 meter

Peloneustes was smaller than Macroplata comparatively the had was bigger while the neck that consisted out of 20 vertebrates was shorter. This animal was able to hunt on fast swimmimg ceratures such as squids. It had lesser and more blunt teeth than that of the Plesiosaurs. Peloneustes lived on molluscs and was able to crack shells.

Name: Kronosaurus
Time: Early Cretaceous
Geography: Australia (Queensland)
Length: 12,8 meter


Kronosaurus was the largest Pliosaurus, the 2,7 meter long and oblate skull was larger ans more powerfull than that of the dinosaur Tyrannosaurs rex.

Name: Liopleurodon
Time: Late Jurassic
Geography: Europe (England, France, Germany en Russia)
Length: 12 meter

A late representative of the Pliosauridae. This animal looked like a whale with its heavy skull short thick neck and stramlined body. It was a effective and fast longdistance swimmer.


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