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Saurischia Theropoda Tyrannosauria Tyrannosauridae [Carnivore]

Gigantic coelurosaurs more closely related to the ornithomimids than they are to allosaurids. (Holtz, 1994). Tyrannosaurids are large-headed theropod carnivores with short two fingered hands. Many of the adaptions seen in the tyrannosaurids are centered around their role as top predator in the Late Cretaceous ecosystem.

Time-Geolist - Alfabetic list

Cretaceous Early


Dilong paradoxus - Yixian Formation, Liaoning

Raptorex kriegsteini - Yixian Formation, Liaoning

Sinotyrannus kazuoensis - Jiufotang Formation, Liaoning [?Tyrannosauridae]


Siamotyrannus isanensis - Sao Khua Formation

Cretaceous Late



Albertosaurus arctunguis - Edmonton Group, Alberta

Albertosaurus incrassatus - Judith River Group (Wedge), Alberta

Albertosaurus sarcophagus - Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta

Laelaps incrassatus - Judith River Group (Wedge), Alberta
Daspletosaurus torosus - Judith River Group (Wedge) Alberta


Albertosaurus libratus - Judith River Group (Wedge), Alberta

Albertosaurus sternbergi - Alberta

Gorgosaurus libratus - Judith River Group (Wedge), Alberta

Gorgosaurus sternbergi - Alberta

Tyrannosaurus rex - Scollard Formation, Willow Creek Formation, Alberta; Frenchman Formation Saskatchewan



Albertosaurus sarcophagus - Judith River Formation, (Wedge) Montana, ?Lance Formation, Wyoming

?Deinodon - Judith River Formation (Wedge), Montana

?Deinodon horridusJudith River Formation (Wedge), Montana

Dryptosaurus kenabekides ? - Judith River Wedge, Montana

Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis - Demopolis Chalk, Alabama, Georgia


Aublysodon mirandus - Judith River Formation (Wedge), Two Medicine Formation, Hell Creek Formation, Montana; Denver Formation, Colorado; Lance Formation Wyoming; Kirtland Formation, New Mexico

Bistahieversor sealeyi - Kirtland Formation, New Mexico

Daspletosaurus torosus - Judith River Formation (Wedge), Montana

Dinotyrannus megagracilis - Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Albertosaurus megagracilis - Hell Creek Formation, Montana


Albertosaurus libratus - Judith River Formation, (Wedge) Montana Fruitland Formation, Kirtland Formation, New Mexico

Gorgosaurus libratus - Judith River Formation, (Wedge) Montana Fruitland Formation, Kirtland Formation, New Mexico


Albertosaurus (Clevelanotyrannus) lancensis - Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Albertosaurus lancensis - Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Albertosaurus (Nanotyrannus) lancensis - Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Gorgosaurus lancensis - Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Nanotyrannus lancensis - Hell Creek Formation, Montana


Aublysodon amplus - Montana

Aublysodon cristatus - Montana

Aublysodon molnari - Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Stygivenator amplus - Montana

Stygivenator cristatus - Montana

Stygivenator molnari - Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Teratophoneus curriei - Kaiparowits Formation, Utah

Tyrannosaurus rex - Hill Creek South Formation, [?Livingstone Formation], Montana; Hell Creek Formation, South Dakota; Lance Formation, Wyoming; Javelina Formation, Texas; McRae Formation, New Mexico; Denver Formation, Colorado, North Horn Formation, Utah

Dynamosaurus imperiosus

Manospondylus gigas? - South Dakota

"Ornithomimus" grandis - Eagle Sandstone, Montana

Tyrannosaurus stanwinstonorum


Alectrosaurus olseni (1) - Iren Dabasu Formation


Jenghizkhan luanchuanensis - Quiba Formation

Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis - Quiba Formation

Shanshanosaurus houyanshanensis - Subashi Formation; Shanshan Group of deposits, Xinjiang

Tarbosaurus bataar - White Beds of Khermeen Tsav, Nemegt Formation, Mongolia; Subashi Formation, Xinjiang, ?unamed unit Heilongjiang; Nanxiong Formation

Albertosaurus periculosus - Unnamed unit, Heilongjiang

Tyrannosaurus turpanensis - Subashi Formation, Xinjiang

Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus zhuchengensis - Xingezhuang Formation, Wangshi Series

Zhuchengtyrannus magnus - Wangshi Series


Albertosaurus (Alectrosaurus) olseni - Iren Dabasu Formation

Albertosaurus novojilovi - Nemegt Formation

Alectrosaurus olseni (1) - Baynshirenskaya Svita

Alioramus remotus - Beds of Nogon Tsav

Alioramus altai - Nemegt Formation


Jenghizkhan bataar - Nemegt Formation

Tyrannosaurus bataar [*] - Nemegt Formation

Maleevosaurus novojilovi - Nemegt Formation 

Gorgosaurus novojilovi - Nemegt Formation


Gorgosaurus lancinator - Nemegt Formation

Tarbosaurus bataar - White Beds of Khermeen Tsav, Nemegt Formation

Tarbosaurus efremovi - Nemegt Formation

Tyrannosaurus bataar [*] - Nemegt Formation


Nomen Nudem: Clevelanotyrannus; "Fukuisaurus"; Tonouchisaurus mongoliensis

Time/Location: Laelaps falculus ?;

Time-Geolist - Alfabetic list


Albertosaurus (Alectrosaurus) olseni

Albertosaurus arctunguis

Albertosaurus (Clevelanotyrannus) lancensis

Albertosaurus incrassatus

Albertosaurus lancensis

Albertosaurus libratus

Albertosaurus megagracilis

Albertosaurus (Nanotyrannus) lancensis

Albertosaurus novojilovi

Albertosaurus periculosus

Albertosaurus sarcophagus

Albertosaurus sternbergi

Alectrosaurus olseni (1)

Alioramus altai

Alioramus remotus

Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis


Aublysodon amplus

Aublysodon cristatus

Aublysodon mirandus

Aublysodon molnari

Bistahieversor sealeyi

Daspletosaurus torosus


?Deinodon horridus

Dilong paradoxus

Dinotyrannus megagracilis

Dryptosaurus kenabekides ?

Dynamosaurus imperiosus


Gorgosaurus lancensis

Gorgosaurus lancinator

Gorgosaurus libratus

Gorgosaurus novojilovi 

Gorgosaurus sternbergi


Jenghizkhan bataar

Jenghizkhan luanchuanensis

Laelaps incrassatus

Maleevosaurus novojilovi

Manospondylus gigas? 


Nanotyrannus lancensis

"Ornithomimus" grandis

Raptorex kriegsteini

Shanshanosaurus houyanshanensis

Siamotyrannus isanensis

Sinotyrannus kazuoensis [?Tyrannosauridae]


Stygivenator amplus

Stygivenator cristatus

Stygivenator molnari 

Tarbosaurus bataar

Tarbosaurus efremovi 

Teratophoneus curriei

Tyrannosaurus bataar

Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis

Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus stanwinstonorum

Tyrannosaurus turpanensis

Tyrannosaurus zhuchengensis

Zhuchengtyrannus magnus

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