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Bookmark - Color change - Navigation -

This helpfile is dedicated to Mike Taylor who find it difficult to find his way around DinoData.

A popup window with some announcements wil be show one time


4. How to bookmark this site or a specific page?

You see two icons at first the "Bookmark Website" icon, click on this to place the DinoData startpage in your personal bookmarks

In order to bookmark a specific page on DinoData you just have to click on the "Bookmark Page" icon.


7. How to change color of crosslinks on DinoData?

There are over a million crosslinks to navigate you directly from one page to the other on DinoData. You can choose a color for the display of these "cross" links in DinoData, using the colorshift menu at the right top of the page, just try it out, There you can also in- or decrease the font size of the text in DinoData, use the "R" to go back to the standard view.


8. Navigation trough DinoData

a. Starting from the top, you see after uou loged in the following links beside the one of this helpfile.

Using home you always return to the mainpage of DinoData
Using Contact you get to see a form to send a message to the webmaster
Using Lusudino's you go directly to the site of paleontologist Octavio Mateus
Using DinoForum you go to the only multilanguage dinoforum in the world (great place to be)
Using Aart Walen to go to his site
Using the Guestbook entry you can leave a message on DinoData

b. Starting from the main navigation section.

Home: Here you have several choices the home button can be used (same as in top navigation section) to go home from anywere in the site.

Search: Use this to search DinoData on keywords or combination of words.

You can choose "Any words, All words or Exact phrase" and change the ordening of the result.

Paleozoica is what was once an online magazine, here you can read the articles that were in it, just remember that the articles are dated 2000 and younger.

References. This is the Reference base of DinoData here you can find lots of references ordened on first author. Click this and you see an ABC of names click on the first letter of the author you seek

You than will be brought to an alfabetic list of authors starting with the first letter of your choise, you can use the filter or just walk trough the list to find the reference you need. (If its there)
And you can change the order of presentation. After a click on the name of an author a page like the next will be shown:

You can go to the previous of next page in this section using the button at the bottum of the page or go back using the '"back" button.
You can also create an online pdf of the page using the "pdf" button in the right top corner of the page, you can also print the page or email it to someone.
Beneath the name of the author you can navigate back to authors "A"  or the complete alfabetic list.

Page navigation (example)

DinoData has over a million crosslinks to guide you trough the site directly from one place to another without using the navigantion section on the left of every page.

(Allmost) every bold faced text is a crosslink to another section of the site.

If you would like to know (as in the example beneath of a standard dinoinfopage) what other dinosaurs are known from a specific fossilsite you just click on the fossilsites name to see that list.

Here is an example of a dinosaur information page:


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