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DinoNews - Dinonews 2008
Xing, L.D., Peng, G.Z. & Shu, C.K (2008) Stegosaurian skin impressions from the Upper Jurassic Shangshaximiao Formation, Zigong, Sichuan, China: A new observation. Geological Bulletin of China. 27(7) : 1049-1053

Abstract: A skin impression fossil of Gigantspinosaurus sichuannensis was found in the Upper Jurassic Shangshaximiao Formation in Zigong, Sichuan. The fossil, preserved on the dorsal on the dorsal face of the left shoulder, clearly shows scales of  Gigantspinosaurus sichuannensis. The scales are generally arranged as a net, and most of them are pentagonal, a few being quadrilateral and hexagonal. The maximum inner radius of most scales range from 5.7 to 9.2 mm. The scales are connected with each other by grooves. Scatered within small scales are a few pentagonal or hexogonal large scales, whith each large scale surrounded by 13-14 scales. The surface of the scales is rough with string-like ridges. The stringy ridge on the scales made the surface of the scales uneven and thus may reduce the glare caused by reflected light. Based on the primary burial location and distribution of the scales, the authors believe that the skin impression fossil of  Gigantspinosaurus sichuannensis is fromthe elbow of the forelimb, relevant upper arm and lateral area of the body.
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