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DinoNews - Dinonews 2008
Lu, J., Li, T., Zhong, S., Ji, Q., and Li., S. (2008) A new mamenchisaurid dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic of Yuanmou, Yunnan Province, China: Acta Geological Sinica, v. 82, n. 1, p. 17-26.

Abstract: A new mamenchisaurid dinosaur, Eomamenchisaurus yuanmouensis gen et sp. nov. is erected based on an incomplete skeleton from the Zhanghe Formation, the Middle Jurassic of Yuanmou, Yunnan Province. The new taxon is characterized by absence of pleurocoels in dorsal vertebrae with slightly convex anterior articular surfaces, moderately concave posterior articular surfaces; the fourth trochanter is developed posteromedially on the femur; length ratio of the tibia to the femur is approximately 0.64; and the shaft of the ischium is rod-like. Two fused centra of the posterior dorsal vertebrae (the presumed 9th and the 10th dorsal vertebrae) are similar to those in other mamenchiasurid dinosaurs, including Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis. Mamenchisaurus youngi and Chuanjiesaurus anaensis. Therefore, fusion of centra of the ninth and the tenth dorsal vertebrea can be recognized as a synapomorphic chararcter of the Mamenchisauridae.
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