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great9121    30 December 2008 14:44 | usa
i had read dinokids. by studying that i learnt a lot

Salem al-Esqandhaar    05 June 2008 10:03 |
The best site about dinosaurs on net! It's very descriptive, and it's easy to find what you are searching for. The best literature! I adore it!! I hope that there will be video clips here soon! :p :p

Neovenator26    10 May 2008 23:44 | Oklahoma
OUTSTANDING site!!!! very helpfull in everything needed to know. 8) 8) 8)

Domenico    05 March 2008 22:44 | Rome , Italy
Great site !! this is the very best !! thanl you for all , i found it realy interesting !!! ^_^ ;) :grin

DORIS    22 January 2008 16:26 | http://www.freesexfilms.tv
Nice site! Found it rather interesting.

DILOPHOSAUR X    15 January 2008 20:31 | Serbia
Dilophosaurus is my favorite dino,spinosaurus too.This site is the best 8) 8) 8)

Balamurugan    10 November 2007 03:57 | India
Dinodata website is very wonderful.I learnt lot about dinosaurs through movies.By this site, 100% I have learnt. Photogallery of Dinosaurs must be published.Can you show Photogalleries of all dinosaur era?

Craig Rouget    22 October 2007 12:25 |
I love this site its awesome!!!! :grin

A. B. Curtiss    19 October 2007 22:03 | San Diego
Ode to the Futalognkosaurus

By A. B. Curtiss

They now have discovered a new dinosaur.
All the papers were swift to announce it..
It has such a strange name I couldn’t believe
I would ever learn how to pronounce it.

My teacher suggested I make up a song
That used FOO-ta-long-koh-SOHR-us.
And since I wanted to learn it quick
I repeated the name in the chorus.

Eighty million years or more
This creature lived before us.
He stands more than four stories high,
He’s one humungus-saurus.
His length is plus one hundred feet,
Head to posteri-or-us.
He has at least three hundred teeth,
But probably wouldn’t gore us.
Even if he saw us, chances are
He would ignore us.
He’s mainly interested in plants.
Because he’s herbivorous.

This is the song, this is the song
Of the FOO-ta-long-koh-SOHR-us.
The FOO-ta-long, the FOO-ta-long
The FOO-ta-long-koh-SOHR-us.

Clarissa    05 October 2007 13:17 | germany
Great site!!!
I love it!

Sami    02 October 2007 18:06 | Finland
This is a great site, thanks for those who invented it :)

James Pearson - Jump    02 October 2007 13:39 | UK, Guernsey

ok thn peeps tell me, wots so bangin bout this website

Mark Norell    01 October 2007 14:00 | NYC
great site
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thank you :)

Flazor    01 October 2007 13:23 | Phillipines
:grin :p :)

Alonso    25 September 2007 02:07 | mexico
:) this isn an spectacular site with a loto of information,good look,looking preferences,calendar, blog
i agree that one that made this page

Vasco Pereira    29 August 2007 23:27 |
Great site! A lot of information and well organized. The best. :)

justin Giroux    23 August 2007 07:51 | Plum Coulee
Very great designed site. Impressive.

Joao Lopes    14 August 2007 00:03 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
One of the best sites I've ever seen!

Randell Buenafe    06 August 2007 09:04 | New Zealand
Cool site, go dinidata your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :)

Domenico    01 August 2007 20:59 | Rome- caput mundi
this site is a dream , im' new ...and i hope i'll found lot of dinomaniacs XD!!!!

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