Tik Tok changing social networks

There is a social network that has grown exponentially this year, and that is why it is necessary to know the reasons for Tik Tok’s success. The most amazing thing is that what began as a musical platform for young people has ended up attracting all kinds of audiences.

In fact, by 2019 it was already becoming popular and this is demonstrated by a study carried out by Sensor Tower. This indicates that TikTok reached more than 738 million downloads and obtained almost 177 million dollars worldwide. This represented more than five times its revenue in 2018.

It also says that it was the second application worldwide with more downloads in App Store and Google Play. It was only surpassed by WhatsApp, which in 2019 obtained 849 million downloads. As a result, the reasons for the success of Tik Tok are reflected in the last year.

From Douyin to Tik Tok

Before going into the reasons for Tik Tok’s success, it is essential to know its roots. In 2016, the Beijing-based technology company ByteDance launches the Douyin application in China. The following year, it releases the app but this time to internationalize it. And already with the name that is known in the rest of the world.

In the same year, 2017, the Chinese company bought to enter the American teenager market. This purchase had a cost of 1,000 million dollars. But, most importantly, it made possible the migration of all the accounts of this app to TikTok.

It should be noted that both the Asian country version and the rest of the world use the same software. However, they maintain separate networks to comply with the censorship restrictions of the different governments, especially the Chinese one.

The application is available through the App Store or Google Play, that is, it can be used on iOS and Android operating systems. It currently competes with large networks such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook in relation to video generation.

Reasons for Tik Tok’s success

To doubt that there are clear reasons for Tik Tok’s success would be crazy. However, one has to know the reasons for its rising popularity. That’s why below you have figures from different studies that will make you understand this current phenomenon of social networks:

Huge number of application downloads

Sensor Tower follows in the footsteps of Tik Tok and, therefore, in April of this year, once again conducted a study. In this it indicates that during the first quarter of 2020 Tik Tok generated the highest amount of downloads compared to any other application. Reaching 2,000 million downloads and accumulating more than 315 million installations in App Store and Google Play.

The report notes that while the app was already popular, it had a further surge in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because consumers are now much more connected to their mobile devices. This is because consumers are now much more connected to their mobile devices. Confinement has caused people to look for new ways to shop, work, and entertain themselves.

He sees this increase during the global crisis as a growing base. It’s not just about short-term success, but also about keeping up with competitors in the long term.

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